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These therapies used to only be available to the elite athletes and celebrities. Now I can take advantage of the same therapies like cryotherapy, red light and compression to help me be at my best.
Staff was friendly and space was clean and organized. I have been everyday since I have joined...definitely an amazing value!
Matt and the staff were amazing! I was skeptical about some of the new (groundbreaking) therapies at first, but WOW!!!!!
If you really want to focus on physical and cellular healing and take your fitness to new levels, join Healthspan.
My sleep and recovery have improved drastically! Just what the Dr ordered and the staff is simply amazing!!
If I could give them 10 stars I would! Nothing else in Miami like it. Ultra-knowledgable and friendly staff with the best recovery modalities available.
My body has never been one to recover very quickly from injuries or to bounce back from just being worn down by life but with the help of Healthspan, I’ve never felt better!!
Healthspan is my favorite place! So clean and relaxing! I’m feeling completely renewed and energized.
I'm training for the Miami Marathon and have burst through plateaus like never before. This place takes recovery to a whole new level.
I’m beyond excited to have discovered this new bio hacking wellness center in Brickell, Miami. It has become my favorite place to hang out!!
The oxygen chamber is healing the brain fog and loss of smell that has haunted me for a year!


Experience Cutting-Edge Wellness Services in Brickell, Miami, Florida

Healthspan provides the best cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy, compression therapy, InBody scans and PEMF in Brickell, Miami, Fl. Healthspan offers a modern approach to improving your health and wellness.

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Our scientifically-supported therapies such as cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy and PEMF are non-invasive and very effective for promoting cellular function, improving sleep quality, longevity, immune support, muscle and tissue repair, anti-inflammation, fat loss, detoxification, pain management, increased energy. Click 'Book Now' to find out for yourself!

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What Healthspan Members Say

Jhon B

I found something incredibly beneficial for my mind and body

Veronica S

I feel so invigorated! My skin actually looks better.

Courtney A

I have more energy and I'm losing weight

James B

I can burn up to 500 calories? I’m in

dannel r

I had the best sleep I had in years

shakira A

My aches and pains are gone


To help you achieve optimal physical, mental and cellular health.


We educate, focus and navigate our community through evidence-based, non-invasive therapies to enhance Healthspan.

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