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PEMF Therapy️

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy utilizes soothing pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate and heal the body’s cells. PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissues. The magnetic fields help to stimulate muscle repair by up-regulating a tissue repair protein and increasing uptake of oxygen, nutrients, electrolytes and ions into tissues. This naturally influences electrical changes on a cellular level and influences cellular metabolism. Also known as "cellular exercise," PEMF addresses underlying cellular dysfunction by literally exercising the cells.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

  • Healing soft tissue
  • Accelerating bone repair 
  • Reducing inflammation & pain 
  • Cellular repair 
  • Increased cellular energy (ATP production)
  • Increasing range of motion (ROM)
  • General relaxation 

A-la-carte Price: $39.00


What can I expect from a PEMF session?
How does PEMF work?
How long is a PEMF session?