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NormaTec Compression Therapy

Dynamic air compression therapy is a very popular modality that helps people of all ages and fitness levels recover and rehabilitate. The NormaTec recovery system consists of a compression device that surrounds your arms, legs or hips and utilizes compressed air to massage the limbs, leading to mobilized fluid, which in-turn, facilitates many different healing processes within the body. 

This innovative technology uses scientifically supported, preset pulsing protocols that target inflammation and muscle recovery while promoting increased ROM, enhancing flexibility and decreasing muscle and joint soreness. 

The completely digital system allows for customized control and the ability to design the perfectly individualized recovery protocol.

Benefits Include: 

  • Enhanced movement of fluids 
  • Reduced Inflammation 
  • Improved Circulation 
  • Flushing of toxins & other inflammatory byproducts 
  • Accelerated recovery & rehabilitation 

A-la-carte Price: $39.00


What is NormaTec Compression Therapy?
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